New Program!

Choices Transitional Services is excited to announce the opening of our new community based day program, ArtWorks!

ArtWorks! is a program that is truly self-directed and goal oriented. Clients will have the opportunity to plan the day, week and month of their choosing based on their interest in goal acquisition.

Realizing that art (self-expression) is both a powerful and vastly underutilized tool for teaching ILS and vocational skills, ArtWorks! is designed to serve participants looking for an innovative way to transition to gainful employment, and more, the possibility of finding meaningful vocation. Participants looking to continue their education can also benefit from ArtWorks! emphasis on self-direction and a day filled with activities which more fully integrate generic life skills (problem solving, communication, money management, self-advocacy.) ArtWorks! participants can explore their creativity by studying and making art in generic community settings, non-profit art centers, and more.

The fact that 1 in every 7 jobs in California exists in the creative fields, that is 1.4 million jobs, validates teaching life/ILS and vocational skills in an arts centered environment. Self-expression in the creative arts has an undisputed track record for boosting self-esteem and confidence. ArtWorks! will partner with other non-profits and generic community resources to bring ILS skills to life and vice versa. Program participants will be able to explore and build skills in their communities through volunteer internships, building business as well as artistic skills.


2920 Prospect Park Dr. #205 916-822-8707

Rancho Cordova, Ca 95670

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