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Truckee, Calif.  96161

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Mountain Programs Manager:

Kimberly Whitington


Day Services are training centers for individuals who have graduated high school or have completed the transition programs after 12th grade.

Normally available at around age 22, Day Services can provide the following training or supports:

Work training including employment skills, resume development, volunteer experience, intern positions and beginning employment positions.

Community Networking which can include learning how to make connections in the community and learning how to use natural resources that are available to all.


Community College support including how to register for classes, how to get to the school of your choice, learning the layout of the college and some support with class academics.


Art Programs that can assist in developing your talents and assist with art shows, gallery showings, and sales of your art.


Transportation options that can help you be (and stay) involved in your community, get to the places you need to get to and stay safe.


Person Centered Services – finding out what it is that you are passionate about and then tailoring a program around your goals and interests. We build the program around you instead of expecting you to fit into what we offer.


A way to meet other people your age and with similar interests so that you can build your circle of friends.


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